What is Freeze Drying?

Freeze Drying is the process of removing all the water from a product and nothing else. The product still retains almost all of it’s original nutrients, flavour and colour, making it an obvious choice for quality food production.

Steps involved in the process of freeze drying :


Selection of Raw Material

The better the raw material, better would be the final output. That is why we procure best quality raw material from best sources.

Washing / Peeling

If procured products requires washing/peeling, then are washed in a fully automatic machine and is then peeled.


After peeling food material is cut/sliced/diced as per requirement with help of automatic machine so that it has minimum manual contact and maintain hygiene.


Raw material is then frozen at -30 degree Celsius in order to preserve its internal structure and its nutrient values as it is.

Removal of Water

Frozen material is then placed in vacuum chamber , where 98% of water is removed from product , thus increasing the shelf life of product while its nutrient value.


Material is then packed in a specially designed packing material which is then ready to dispatch.

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